Day 15 - Unity in Community

By Alison Cook

Your ‘neighbour’ is not just referring to your next door neighbour or to the person you sit next to in church. Your neighbour covers a wide variety of people, you may have things in common, you may be totally different but God made you neighbours.

Community is being a friend to those who need it, showing love to the unloved, healing those who need healing with the Word of God, and setting the captives free.

“Love your neighbour as yourself”. Mark 12 v 31

Community can never just be one, community is many. Church may have a core community on the inside of the church walls but God doesn’t have walls we are called to reach outward not just inward we need to be Jesus to our community, His hands, His feet, preach the gospel, bind up & heal the broken hearted etc all the things Jesus was called to do in Is 61 we are called to do.

There are people hurting out there who really need Jesus and we can take Him to them. We need to do this as a community of believers.

We need to unify in our reach to the community and to each other.

As brothers & sisters in Christ we need to be united because some of the things the enemy loves are dis-unity and strife. This is because he knows there is power in unity.

We don’t have to agree on absolutely everything to be united, but we unite ourselves together in Christ, unity is not letting strife or the devil in, and continuing to walk in love. Unity doesn’t do petty arguments, offence or strife.

When we do this we build each other up in our relationships with God, and with each other and we are more effective in reaching the wider community who need what Jesus has for them.