Day 12 - Have we made our God too small?

By Stuart Brown

When my kids were little, we had a Doug Horley cd with a song called “Have we made our God too small?” on it.

This is a concept that I have wrestled with over the years when I have found myself in different situations, because, when I don’t understand things, do I then bring God to my level? Saying I can’t comprehend it, so therefore reject it?
When we think about healing or miracle’s or signs and wonders what do we think?

I was brought up in a church where the miraculous, or healings were not talked about, in fact anything supernatural was rejected, and I was taught that the gifts of the spirit weren’t for now and fizzled out. the verse used was 1 Corinthians 13 vs 10 ‘but when perfection comes that which is in part shall be done away’. I was told that when Jesus had come, that was the perfection talked about. As a young Christian I had no reason to doubt these old Christians who could pray for 30 minutes out loud and quote loads of scripture in their prayers! For years I believed this, until I had a lightbulb moment and realised when Paul wrote this Jesus had long since died and rose again- I had made God too small in my own mind by believing teaching that ran contrary to scripture and I had therefore missed out on seeing miracles etc happen. (Great lesson that the bible is the final word, and not everything man teaches is right).
So, for years my alignment was way out and, in a way, I was misled.
I’m sure you will have your own stories of times when it seems like God hasn’t come through for you in the way you wanted, or you have suffered loss or illness, or believed a lie about Him.

God wants us to know, that He’s not shrunk or become uninterested in us!
I love in Exodus, when Moses says to God (after makingexcuses not to go and speak to pharaoh) “Who shall I say has sent me?” and God says tell him “I AM!” I would have said “I amwhat? Hungry? Impatient? Angry? etc. However, this is the highest name for God, we would use ‘Jehovah’ or ‘Yahweh’. This wasn’t a small god- this was the God of the universe announcing Himself. He is the same ‘mahoousive’ God in our lives, even if we sometimes try and make him small.

He is big and always will be big, and this big God has big plans for your life and wants you to know you can trust Him!
Matt Redman wrote a song- “Let there be wonder”, some lyrics…

“Is He not the God who parted the seas?
Is He not the God who heals are disease?
Is He not the source of all that we need?
Is He not the God who emptied the grave?
Is He not the God who breaks every chain?
Is He not the hope still with us today?”

Be blessed, you are loved by a Big God!