Day 5 - To Die to Self

By Angela Hickie

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease. ASV

I always struggled with the teaching of dying to self, until I actually sat down and thought about it, or to be more honest, circumstances made me look at it more.

My understanding of it was, letting go of my own will, my own happiness, my attitudes and mind sets. Not thinking myself higher than anyone else, being humbled and giving up all that I hold dear, YET in all this, we know God created us for a purpose on purpose! And He wants what’s best for us.

If we always make bad or wrong decisions, then letting go of ourselves and falling in to the abyss of the unknown, but fully aware and trusting that our father will catch us in both hands then this will make our faith grow and it makes it easier to let go of ourselves.

We have to become like little children again, before our minds were tainted or blurred with worldly things. We have to be heavenly minded. This is a daily or sometimes hourly discipline, which fasting, prayer and daily reading of the bible will help with.

In the passion Translation, Romans 7 v 14 Paul says I am a human Being made of flesh and trafficked as a slave under sins authority. Do you really want to carry on being a slave to sin (The devil) doing his works under the pretense of doing the works of God?. God knows your heart and mind.


As in Roman 7 v 17 sin is an unwelcome intruderDo you allow a burglar to ransack your house? no of course not!, so we must protect our hearts and minds. Luke 14 v 26 Jesus says To follow me you have to put away your mother, father, sister, you will even seem to hate your own life, this is the price you pay, dont follow me without considering the cost”.

We need to stop living for self and die to self, in this way Jesus can be lifted up. Jesus created us in love to love, a pure love for each other and in this time and season, we need to show it more than ever.

Lord I pray this over everyone reading this, that our spiritual eyes and ears being opened in this time and we can really search ourselves and find what more can be thrown down of us and be replaced with more of you. Let us be fully emptied of ourselves, let us show grace and mercy to those around us.

Let us love as you love, let the scales fall off our eyes. Jesus let us truly fall in love with you again and as we say, Lord let your will be done, let us really mean it, In Jesus name we pray Amen.