Supernatural You by Adam Graves


“Who do you think you are?” Your answer is crucial to your call as a child of God. You have been hardwired to wield the supernatural power of God. And this not simply a bestowal of power but rather a fundamental transformation of your very being. The supernatural DNA of your Heavenly Father has rewritten your own genetic code – you are no longer the same! You are super-natural; super-human. You can do things you couldn't do before. The impossible should excite you!

Adam Graves introduces you to your supernatural self and empowers you to walk in the revelation of your God-created identity. With sound biblical teaching and activation you will be healing the sick, cleansing the lepers and raising the dead in no time at all!


“This book speaks to the heart of those who want more than ‘status quo’ Christianity. Adam challenges you to embrace your supernatural identity with the abilities given to you by the Holy Spirit. As you read, you will find yourself on a journey of discovery, learning to walk in spiritual authority and stewardship of the power of God.”

Dr Sharon Stone, CI Europe